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Schedule of Classes

Feb 21-24 | Supervisor Development Course (SDC) | Virtual

April 18-21 | Supervisor Development Course (SDC) | Virtual

Jun 20-23 | Supervisor Development Course (SDC) | Club Muroc

Aug 22-25 | Supervisor Development Course (SDC) | Club Muroc

Nov 7-10 | Supervisor Development Course (SDC) | Virtual

Course Descriptions

Supervisor Development Course (SDC) – This four day course covers essential topics for supervisors to be successful in their roles. The course will prepare supervisors to lead, clearly communicate expectations, improve retention, and ultimately increase organizational performance. This course includes a deep dive into management topics, real management case studies, valuable mentorship, and more.

Attendance priority:

  1. First-year civilian supervisors of civilian employees.
  2. First-year military supervisors of civilian employees.
  3. Supervisors of civilian employees with less than 3 years-experience.
  4. AFMC supervisors who have not completed the course.
  5. Civilian/Military attending in a pre-supervisory development role.