Student Focused, Partnership Driven

The School Liaison Program provides military-connected children the opportunity to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally, regardless of duty station, deployments, or transition status by partnering with families, community members, educators and other policymakers. These partnerships impact quality Pre-K through 12th-grade educations and allow for tailored support to families and commanders in meeting the challenging demands of the military lifestyle.

Some ways in which the School Liaison can assist:

*     Parent Workshops

*     Military Student Transitions

*     School Based Military Student Transition Support Programs

*     Deployment Support

*     JROTC Support

*     DoD/AF STEM Program

*     STARBASE Program

*     Military Interstate Compact Compliance (MIC3)

*     Military Family Life Counselors (MFLC) Support

*     Grant Opportunities and Federal Impact Aid

*     Information on local schools and boundaries

*     Home school support

*     Inbound and outbound transfers

*     Graduation requirements

*     Schools and community outreach

*     College, Career, and Military Readiness

*     School and installation-based partnerships and sponsorship programs

*     Special Education Policy Navigation (e.g., IEPs and 504 Plans)

*     Scholarship Information

*     Education Resources and Support

Core Focus Areas for the School Liaison Program:

Installation, School, and Community Support

School Liaisons facilitate communication among parents, military leaders, and schools.

Special Education Navigation

School Liaisons assist families to navigate through the complex area of Special Education including but not limited to special education law and policy, parental and student self-advocacy, Individualized Education Plans (IEP), and 504 Plans.

JROTC, STEM, and Scholarship Opportunities

School Liaisons leverage installation and school resources such as Education and Training Flight and Career Centers to provide military-connected students access to post-secondary information and opportunities.

Community Relations, Partnerships, and Outreach

School Liaisons create a network of parents, community stakeholders, and military and civilian personnel to support installation communities and school systems.

School Liaison Program Manager

Rebecca Balkenbush

Comm: (661) 277-2456 | DSN:  527-2456 | Work Cell: (661) 902-8335