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412th Military Personnel

Phone: (661) 277-4281

Opt 3 – Customer Support
Opt 2 – Career Development
Opt 1 – Force Management
Opt 4 – MPF Leadership

Consolidated Force Support, Bldg 3000 hosts the following services

Force Management

Email: 412 FSS/Force Management 412fss.force.management@us.af.mil

Hours: M-F, 0730-1600

Services Offered: Duty Updates, Evaluations (Officer and Enlisted), Special Duty Pays (SDAP/IEB),

Career Development

Email: 412 FSS/Career Development - s53b2@us.af.mil

Hours: M-F, 0800-1600

Services Offered: Retentions, Enlisted/Officer Promotions, Outbound/Retentions/Separations

Customer Support Services/CAC & DEERS

Schedule CAC/DEERS Appointment


Email Customer Service: 412.Fss.Customer.Service@us.af.mil

Hours: M-F, 0800-1600

Services Offered: Base in-processing for units without a CSS, Line of Duty (LOD) case processing, duty status updates, dependency updates (marriage, divorce, child), SGLI guidance, citizenship information

Installation Personnel Readiness - Located in Bldg 3738

Email: 412FSS.FSOX.Readiness@us.af.mil

Hours: M-F, 070800-1600

Services Offered: Deployment out-processing & in-processing, AFPAAS & personnel accountability

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